Other Accessories Repair

Opener Repair

While they are not complex machines, openers nowadays have a lot of features that make them more functional and silent than ever. They must be perfectly aligned and maintained so they provide a smooth and quiet lift every time. If your opener is giving you problems, always call Loyal garage door experts and we will make sure it will work like new again shortly.

Cable Repair

A crooked door is the classic sign that your cables are not properly aligned. A poorly executed replacement can lead to even more problems. Since it seems to be an easy procedure, replacing door adjusting garage door cables is actually a very delicate process that should only be done by experts.

Door Off Track

This is regularly caused by small bumps received by the door. The small wheels do not roll as smoothly as they used to, or even fall off the track. Putting them back requires an exercise of carefully directed strength in order to prevent further damage or even injuries. Call our team of professionals and they will come to your place and put those wheels right back on track within minutes.