Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair

Although garage doors are quite sturdy and low maintenance when compared to other home appliances, they also need fixing and maintenance from time to time. The causes of this would be improper use, opener malfunction, accidental bumping, weather or wear and tear.

IF you suspect your garage door is in need of a thorough check, you should call Loyal Garage Door Experts immediately and we will respond to your call within minutes. Here are some of the services that our team routinely performs

Dents and Scratches

Accidents happen. Sometimes they are caused by inadvertently bumping our car into the garage door. Busy neighborhoods see this happen a lot too as children often play with heavy objects or run around, and they might accidentally hit your door. Although they are made to resist direct hits, doors will eventually present scratches and dents that will affect their aesthetic appeal. Moreover, as the raw material gets exposed, scratches can eat your door up if they are left unattended for too long.
There is nothing we can´t repair. We can fix any door regardless of their material and design. We not only fix superficial damage. We also take care of more critical damages like splintered surfaces and holes, which need replacement and insulation materials so it retains its thermal properties and looks. Your door will look like it never had a spot.

Broken Springs

The mechanism that opens and closes garage doors is based on torsion springs that wind and unwind every time you open and close your door. This action eventually wears springs out and cause your door to be opened slower than usual. If you consider that your door is going up slower than usual, give our experts a call and they will come immediately and check that your springs are in optimal health.
If you ever find that one spring is broken, don´t ever try to fix it yourself. Replacing a spring is a dangerous procedure that must only be done by trained professionals with proper tools. This would not only prevent injuries, but also irreparable damage.